Monday, 16 October 2017


If there is a strong hatred between two sets of individuals then Israelis and Palestinians will seem the perfect example. The question people tend to ask is 'which of the two contending powers are true owners of the land'? Should this be the best question to ask at this critical time?
The division of opinion regarding what direction should be taken in solving the seemingly life long dispute between Israel and Palestine is mostly Iran's fault. We are not saying Iran is to blame totally, Iranian policies and utterances might be fueling the dispute the more.
A friend asked me how long the ordinary Israelis will have to live with this conflict. He also pointed out Palestinian plight at the parcel near the Mediterranean. Do they even want to have peace over there? I remembered the numerous peace negotiations initiated by different Israeli prime ministers and Palestinian leaders. Some of these negotiations lingered for years and involved many world leaders yet everything came crashing before anything was achieved.
Iran has huge followers in the Muslim world. This set believe heartily anything Iran says thus Iran's ideologies are easily scattered around. Iran is a great nation no doubt and one to be reckoned with. The people of Iran are wonderful people, loving and knows how to cohabit with strangers.
The problem emanates from the Iranian leaders. When one says he will remove Israel from the map then there is a reason to fear. This idea of total removal of an Israeli state is one that has taking  root in the hearts of more than 3/4 of all Muslims thanks to Iran. How can peace be achieved when majority of Muslims don't see peace with Israel as an end but wants Israel's annihilation. This hatred is easily propagated by zealot Iranian converts. They don't see eye to eye with Israel no matter what She does. The different Iranian leaders from the Revolution of 1970s till now have been clamouring for a middle East without Israel. They took it upon themselves to blame Israel for any of their shortcomings.
Israel is known for her endurance in the face of absolute terrorism. Most people in the world easily take sides without understanding what it feels to live in the face of terrorism. This set of people usually turn blind eyes on acts of terrorism committed against Israelis but are quick to condemn Israel's counter measures.
We might understand why a Muslim(extremist) might not have a liking for Israel especially Shias, but for an European to condemn without witnessing first hand what terrorism can do is surprising. These Europeans are quick in pointing out how Israel stole land that was not theirs. They fail to understand that from the shores of USA to Canada and from England to further East of Europe, the core Europeans dominating leadership in these place are immigrants. These migrants at one time suppressed the locals and then established their own governments.
The above scenario is true, but can we say Israel are like typical Europeans who took over lands that weren't theirs?
Israel has a very long history with the land of Israel(Palestine) as contemporary historians have shown. We also know that archeological findings places Israel in Palestine as early as 3000BC.
We are not trying to justify Israeli police brutality towards Palestinians but are advocating for a peaceful mutual agreement between Israel and Palestine. This peace can only take place if Iran will take a more mutual stand in this conflict.......

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