Thursday, 16 November 2017

Concise Steps To Live Above Challenges

Life is full of ups and downs, one day you are on top of the mountain and the next day you are down in the valley. The funny thing is that life in the valley seems to last longer than on top of the mountain. I have not seen one who can boldly say that he had not spent time in the valley. Each person has his or her valley. It all depends on our mindset, what we call need and our greatest wants. There are individuals who are in dear need of kids. Some might have been in marriage for 15 years or more, at this time the mind rings like an alarm bell. To them it becomes a child or nothing. They cannot digest any other thing no matter how pressing except the concept of having a child. Our Western readers may not understand the pressure childlessness brings, but our African readers know greatly about this.

I have seen men who are ready to visit hell in other to get rich. They in their lonely times are besieged by the pain of poorness. “I don’t mind being a conman even if I will be rich for 12 years before the police gets to me” a friend once told me. The drive for richness transcends all in Africa. A man is counted successful if he is very rich in Africa, living in a place where education and its alliances are seen as nothing if the possessor is not rich can be challenging.

There are countless varieties of valleys in people’s lives around the world, just as we established above, your valley may not be the next man’s valley.
We have concise steps on how to live above these valleys. These steps are proven not only by us but also those we taught. We have seen women near breakdown due to lack of a child become patient and full of life. This full of life is as a result of simple application of the steps we formulated. We may claim that we formulated these steps but the truth still reverberates through all ages, these steps have been. They are effective as those before us have proven.

1.       Seek out stories that reflect what you are passing through. There is no valley out there without a story of someone spending time there. We are lucky, the internet affords us with countless stories of real life persons who passed through our present valleys. These men and women in time past had a taste of whatever we are tasting today. They persevered and thus became victorious at the end. There are stories of women who gave birth to their first child after their 15th year of marriage, if they could do it how much more you.  We can read stories of men who stood strong no matter how huge their challenges were. Steve jobs started it rough before he hit big with Apple, J. K Rowlings told  us how her rejections wanted to keep the story of Harry Potter away from us. J. K Rowlings today is among the richest celebrities with a net worth more than $70million because of the book Harry Potter. She saw Rejections stare her down yet she found that little push to go on. There are numerous stories of people who survived cancer, they told themselves come what may victory is ours, they stood firm and life rewarded them. In the face of deadly diseases men and women have kept their heads held high, they were in the valley of sickness and came out victorious.. The big truth is this, your valley is not a stranger to this world. Someone has been through it and came out great. Find their stories and read them, it will surely motivate you to push on.

2.       Share your burden. An old adage says “Two heads are better than one”. Most times your ideas are not enough to propel you out of your valley. Share your problems with people you trust and let them help you out with ideas.

3.       Try and be happy. Come on dear, that gloomy face will take you nowhere. The more you worry the more clogged your brain will become. Science tells us that the brain functions best when you are happy, so why don’t you try and be happy? No amount of worrying can set things right. No matter how deep the valley is, BE HAPPY!!!

4.       Do not despair no matter the situation. Wise men say that the darkest hour of the night gives way to morning light. At that point you think it is over remind yourself of someone who pushed through at the darkest hour.

Remember to read about others who during their stay in the valley did not give in to despair. They persevered and thus where victorious. Remember to share your worries with trusted friends and family. Remember to be happy no matter the situation because worrying does not save a thing. DO NOT DESPAIR EVEN IF THE WORLD IS COLLAPSING…….