Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Israel and Gaza; a coalition government

It’s been long since we wrote anything on sparrowlite. Our readers should not panic; the problem was the hacking of this blog by hackers who think we are working against them. These months have been months of cyber defense and counter-attacks in our parts to defend what we believe.
This blog is mainly an activist blog though we might not call it so. We the management of this blog have sworn to take no side in the wars ravaging our dear planet. Sometimes these wars are more than carrying a gun, they can come in form of human trafficking, modern slave trade, racism, terrorism and modern colonialism.
Today I happen to get a call from an Israeli friend, in fact he woke me up with his call. The discussion that ensued between us took a turn towards the state of Gaza. He asked me if I had seen the news Aljazeera carried this morning. I replied no, he sighed and then let out a happy rant “ISIL does not love Hamas, we have nothing to fear.” Well it’s good news things are turning in favor of the Jews but the big question is “Will things remain like this forever.” What happens when Syria and Iraq falls into the hands of ISIL? Many will predict a quick attack by ISIL on Iran will be inevitable, well I agree so.
Iran should start planning for the rainy days or better still look for a way to join this war. Unlike many activists, we don’t take sides. As much as we want an Israeli state to survive so do we want Iran.
This morning my Israeli friend pointed out the big peace Israel and its neighbors (Egypt, Qatar, Saudi Arabia etc.) are currently enjoying. Who will think that bitter enemies of the 40’s, 60’s, and 70’s will become allies of strong friendship. “We can do the same with the citizens of Palestine who are merely Arabs of Jordanian descents.” He told me that the westbank which has drawn major condemnation towards Tel Aviv is controlled by the Palestinian authority, only 3% is controlled by their government.
“Our prime minister said there is no Palestinian state and we agree to that, let them come for peace and we shall definitely show them Israel is the mother of peace.” He continued.
My friend said his mind but yet he missed some vital issues. Every history loving person knows the land of Palestine belonged to the Jews for thousands of years. War and conquest scattered them abroad until the Jewish extreme mass migration began to bring them back to Palestine after world war two. My Jewish friend this morning proposed one state in Palestine, a state of peace with no discrimination. I am not being pessimistic but I doubt this will work. We in sparrowlite want to see a totally independent Palestine or a coalition government between Israel and Palestine which should cede major calls on how Gaza should be run to the Palestinans.
Well I will cut the post short since it is a reminder  that sparrowlite is back and with an ultimatum to get its own domain name if numbers of readers sky rockets.
Remember peace is what we want.