Sunday, 2 August 2015

The Iranian nuclear deal still unfolding

Someone called in yesterday asking why Sparrowlite seem quiet on the issue of Iran’s nuclear deal. The truth is we are not quiet neither are we blind nor deaf. The dust this nuclear deal raised is so massive that we opted to take our time to view recent proceedings from this deal. The mistake our readers make is to think we are a news agency; we don’t report breaking news but instead we try to dissect and analyze happenings around the world.
We are sorry if it seems we took time before writing something about the deal. In fact there is more to this deal that we can report at one time. One of the held backs is the reactions across the US and its allies. Saudi Arabia needed a heart-assuring message from Obama and Egypt presently needed the feet of Kerry in Cairo to pacify concerns. All the same the big question is why such panic between countries in the Middle East?
Some analysts say Iran is more brutal than they superficially seem. One of our correspondents received a call from an Israeli woman who was embittered concerning the deal. She told our correspondent that Iran’s first response to any threat will be nuking. She said her mind and this left most of us at sparrowlite thinking. Imagine a middle east ravaged by nuclear war heads? The present conditions of most of the countries in Middle East are sickening, but then radiation begins its ugly chain reaction.
Commenting from the point of recent happening in the world, one can undoubtedly say that if ever a nuclear war head will be detonated again then it will be in the Middle East. Sure enough with Iran having the breathing space to try out their hands on one, Sparrowlite can’t help wonder the state of Middle East in the next decade.
Let’s all hope Iran will be contented with the peaceful uses of Uranium and its likes as Kerry continues his country to country campaign concerning the deal, though one will be forced to say US is seeking for a closer tie with Iran at the expense of Israel.
For now we shall remain vigilant in order to decipher the real reason this deal was made. Till then we want our readers to keep the calls and messages coming.
Before we end this post we will like to beg on the Egyptian Judicial system to show professionalism in relation to AJ staff saga. We journalists should be respected for we take it upon ourselves to enlighten the masses. Without us, politics will hit the rock hard fast

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