Sunday, 2 August 2015

The Iranian nuclear deal still unfolding

Someone called in yesterday asking why Sparrowlite seem quiet on the issue of Iran’s nuclear deal. The truth is we are not quiet neither are we blind nor deaf. The dust this nuclear deal raised is so massive that we opted to take our time to view recent proceedings from this deal. The mistake our readers make is to think we are a news agency; we don’t report breaking news but instead we try to dissect and analyze happenings around the world.
We are sorry if it seems we took time before writing something about the deal. In fact there is more to this deal that we can report at one time. One of the held backs is the reactions across the US and its allies. Saudi Arabia needed a heart-assuring message from Obama and Egypt presently needed the feet of Kerry in Cairo to pacify concerns. All the same the big question is why such panic between countries in the Middle East?
Some analysts say Iran is more brutal than they superficially seem. One of our correspondents received a call from an Israeli woman who was embittered concerning the deal. She told our correspondent that Iran’s first response to any threat will be nuking. She said her mind and this left most of us at sparrowlite thinking. Imagine a middle east ravaged by nuclear war heads? The present conditions of most of the countries in Middle East are sickening, but then radiation begins its ugly chain reaction.
Commenting from the point of recent happening in the world, one can undoubtedly say that if ever a nuclear war head will be detonated again then it will be in the Middle East. Sure enough with Iran having the breathing space to try out their hands on one, Sparrowlite can’t help wonder the state of Middle East in the next decade.
Let’s all hope Iran will be contented with the peaceful uses of Uranium and its likes as Kerry continues his country to country campaign concerning the deal, though one will be forced to say US is seeking for a closer tie with Iran at the expense of Israel.
For now we shall remain vigilant in order to decipher the real reason this deal was made. Till then we want our readers to keep the calls and messages coming.
Before we end this post we will like to beg on the Egyptian Judicial system to show professionalism in relation to AJ staff saga. We journalists should be respected for we take it upon ourselves to enlighten the masses. Without us, politics will hit the rock hard fast

                                                    # FREE AJ STAFF#

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Israel and Gaza; a coalition government

It’s been long since we wrote anything on sparrowlite. Our readers should not panic; the problem was the hacking of this blog by hackers who think we are working against them. These months have been months of cyber defense and counter-attacks in our parts to defend what we believe.
This blog is mainly an activist blog though we might not call it so. We the management of this blog have sworn to take no side in the wars ravaging our dear planet. Sometimes these wars are more than carrying a gun, they can come in form of human trafficking, modern slave trade, racism, terrorism and modern colonialism.
Today I happen to get a call from an Israeli friend, in fact he woke me up with his call. The discussion that ensued between us took a turn towards the state of Gaza. He asked me if I had seen the news Aljazeera carried this morning. I replied no, he sighed and then let out a happy rant “ISIL does not love Hamas, we have nothing to fear.” Well it’s good news things are turning in favor of the Jews but the big question is “Will things remain like this forever.” What happens when Syria and Iraq falls into the hands of ISIL? Many will predict a quick attack by ISIL on Iran will be inevitable, well I agree so.
Iran should start planning for the rainy days or better still look for a way to join this war. Unlike many activists, we don’t take sides. As much as we want an Israeli state to survive so do we want Iran.
This morning my Israeli friend pointed out the big peace Israel and its neighbors (Egypt, Qatar, Saudi Arabia etc.) are currently enjoying. Who will think that bitter enemies of the 40’s, 60’s, and 70’s will become allies of strong friendship. “We can do the same with the citizens of Palestine who are merely Arabs of Jordanian descents.” He told me that the westbank which has drawn major condemnation towards Tel Aviv is controlled by the Palestinian authority, only 3% is controlled by their government.
“Our prime minister said there is no Palestinian state and we agree to that, let them come for peace and we shall definitely show them Israel is the mother of peace.” He continued.
My friend said his mind but yet he missed some vital issues. Every history loving person knows the land of Palestine belonged to the Jews for thousands of years. War and conquest scattered them abroad until the Jewish extreme mass migration began to bring them back to Palestine after world war two. My Jewish friend this morning proposed one state in Palestine, a state of peace with no discrimination. I am not being pessimistic but I doubt this will work. We in sparrowlite want to see a totally independent Palestine or a coalition government between Israel and Palestine which should cede major calls on how Gaza should be run to the Palestinans.
Well I will cut the post short since it is a reminder  that sparrowlite is back and with an ultimatum to get its own domain name if numbers of readers sky rockets.
Remember peace is what we want.

Tuesday, 3 February 2015


The African Continent is in a state of confusion, believe it or not only a few countries in Africa are living in peace. When I say peace I incorporated freeness from deadly epidemics, war, coup and ethnic division.

In the West of Africa, in Africa’s most populous country and the leading economy of Africa war looms. Already the country is in a state of war with the Islamist group Bokoharam, and somewhere on the horizon a more encompassing war looms.  The Bokoharam saga has left more than 13000 dead since 2009 and the death toll is still rising. The group thrives unchecked, the army in its bit to win this war has updated their military hardware, but the group seems to be getting stronger.

The mayhem of this deadly group is not only relegated to Nigeria, Chad and Cameroun has felt the pangs of their bloodiness, Cameroun being the worst hit between the two. There have been abductions inside Cameroun by Bokoharam, sporadic shooting and beheading of Cameroonians.

The general death toll since 2009 may have reached 20,000, surely there are deaths not counted. There are wars in history which ended with lower death toll than the insurgents created these past years. Women have been rendered widows and sex slaves, men widowers and childless, pregnant women killed, churches and mosques bombed, it is crazy to learn Bokoharam kills without respite.

In the East of Africa another terrorist group thrives, Alshabab. The Kenyan government has been tied by this group. The mall attack on 21 September 2013 is an example of the ill fate of living close to Somalia. Alshabab completely weakened the central government of Somalia, keeping the government and its forces in the country’s capital. The death toll in Somalia and from the operation carried out by this group outside Somalia is a double figure in relative to Bokoharam in Nigeria. Though America from time to time carries out raids against this group yet they are waxing stronger.

Libya is in a state of chaos, a failed state it has become. The west is to be blamed for this, but this is not the time to put blames on foreign powers. Every new day comes with clashes between rival groups. The countries resources and territories are the main bone of contention between these groups. Crime has risen to all time record in Libya, rape and snatching of cars has become paramount in Libya. The central government is weak and does not control the country anymore, where is the western powers who overthrew Gadaffi?

2014 ended in a sad note with the influx of the deadly virus Ebola, with a death toll of approximately 9000 by the end of 2014. The Ebola epidemic left fear in the hearts of most Africans. The continent lacks the capability to effectively combat this disease, up till now Ebola is thriving in some West African countries.

It is a shame that some of the issues highlighted above are merely a few of the continent’s problems. The big question is ‘WHERE IS AFRICAN UNION (AU)?’ It seems am not the only person asking this question. Does it mean the corrupt leaders of different African nations take their dirtiness into the union? The corruptness of African leaders is rivaled to non in the world. They are experts in looting, lying, committing atrocities, paying deaf ears, overlooking main issues etc. all they want is money and money, never are they tired of looting.

Someone asked me some days ago why the African Union lives in obscurity. The answer is simple, the Union’s leaders are still the corrupt leaders of the countries in Africa. Then you may ask what can the Union do in battling the crises in Africa?

First is the issue of insurgency. The European Union has a well equipped standing force known as EuroCorps and its headquarters is in Strasbourg, France. Apart from this, they work hand in hand with another well equipped army NATO. These two forces are more easily mobilized and deployed before the normal contribution of forces and equipments by European countries.

Secondly is  the development of weapons. The European Union from time to time engages its members in joint military hardware production. The money used in producing the hardwares is shared between the participating countries. This does not only create advanced weapons for the Union but also the togetherness and effectiveness of the individual armies.

Another area is the joint military drills between Euro countries. This is done often and it promotes military cooperation and understanding between Euro countries. Today the most peaceful countries are found in Europe.

Is there a joint standing force in Africa? Imagine Africa deploying a well equipped elite force into the northern part of Nigeria. Well equipped in the sense they don’t lack any advance military technology. Such army will cover the hardware deficit of the host country, taking reconnaissance, precision Ariel attacks with drones and warplanes, unconventional war fare capability, bombardment and stealth techniques. Imagine such force in Africa, imagine such force in Libya, imagine such force in Somalia, and imagine such force in Kenya. Their work will be quick mobilization and deployment into crises areas in Africa before the actual peace keeping forces will be deployed.

There are thousands of youths in Africa who can’t wait to be trained and charged into battle. They eagerly look forward to fighting the enemies of Africa, not just fighting against them but doing so with advanced military hard wares.

What is African Union doing to stop the insurgency in Africa? Nothing tangible! I tell you if such force is not created the mayhem of insurgence might not stop in Africa. What are French soldiers doing in Central African Republic? How many African military units are stationed outside Africa? Is this not shameful? African Union is nothing but a mere organization of deluded men who can’t see beyond the horizon. Give us a standing well equipped army in Africa. Their work will range from working in epidemic hit countries in Africa and fighting enemies, to training each national force in Africa.

The west will not want this because of their greediness and love for power monopoly. United we stand and such army will be the rope to tie us to peace.

Ebola would not have gotten thus far if the necessary precautions were taking into place. When I say we need a standing army it does not end there. A well equipped and well trained medical organization should be enacted. Just like the army, their work is to be mobilized and quickly deployed to countries in need of their services before volunteers or other agency comes into play. Among this organization should be well trained hardcore scientists, who can tackle advanced epidemics.

Another area is education. The African Union should build well equipped universities in strategic areas in Africa. Tuition must be free and only exceptionally intelligent student will be admitted. The school program should incorporate the style of education in western countries, practical should be paramount in the curriculum.

We can save Africa if only the African Union will take up its challenges. But I doubt this happening since it’s the same crop of leaders we know at national level that are there. Africa can be great, AFRICAN UNION STOP BEING A MOPING SHEEP THAT HAS NO CLUE OF WHAT IS HAPPENING, AFRICANS NEED PEACE     AND ADVANCEMENT

Wednesday, 7 January 2015


CHARLIE HEBDO’S attack is a heinous act, so heinous I don’t have words to describe the events of today in Paris. 12 people were killed today by hoodlums who attacked CHARLIE HEBDO’S headquarters. Police says one of the attackers carried a rocket launcher.

CHARLIE HEBDO is a well-known controversial magazine outlet known for their harsh criticism of virtually every aspect of human life. They criticize religion, politics, and any other major happenings around the world including ISIL. CHARLIE HEBDO is an ideal figure of freedom of speech, one that uses satire to drive home their message.

In 2011 they made a cartoon of prophet Mohammad which caused outraged in different Islamic states. Many Muslim took this personal with riots and protests all over the world. Don’t rush to make a decision. CHARLEI HEBDO spared no organized religion in their bid to show the world the truths, not even Christianity is spared.

CHARLIE HEBDO’s like is strongly needed in Nigeria, a news outlet which will not fear the government when enlightening the masses. Now the election for presidency in Nigeria is only six weeks away and yet the masses know little of the aspirants. Such news outlet with no fear will certainly dig up past lives of these men and present them to the masses in comic style, a style which will tell more than the biased news mediums in the country.

CHARLIE HEBDO’s attack by Muslim extremist is evil and I and many with me in Sparrowlite condemn this attack. For our Muslim brothers out there, don’t get so headfilled with your religion. There is no religion when there is no love or peace. Again I state my respect for Islam. I also support CHARLIE HEBDO and their work.

Many calls for Muslims to be expelled from Western countries but will these solve the problem of Islamic extremism? There are millions of good Muslims all over the world, Muslims who share the same ideal believe of me and others, Muslims who fear the gun, Muslims who know pity, respect and love for their fellow men. I have been told today by one who is nearer to the heinous act of today than I am that Muslims are cancers in the world. I disagreed with him, am not a Muslim but I have met good and nice Muslims, Muslims who are ready to lay down their life for me. One of them is my girlfriend during my high school days, she is a good and homely lady better than many non Muslims I have met.

Islam is not a cancer and will never be. These attacks are based on individualism and the choice to take beliefs to the extreme. I am begging and calling Muslims out there to step away from extremism and allow God to fight his wars. There is no gain even with the dead editors today, CHARLIE HEBDO still lives on. There is no stopping them, there is no stopping free speech. Guns and knives, bombs and rockets bring shame to any religion.

The deaths in Paris will affect nice Muslims in other part of the world. I am an advocate of the influx of Syrian refuges into Europe for refuge. What face will I have to continue advocating for those seeking refuge? Am ashamed and sad people who are in need will suffer the consequences of today because they are Muslims. The protest in Germany against the influx of Muslims into Germany will now get more supporters. Supporters who fears Islam.

Islam phobia is real and it was brought upon many by extremists who fail to see the indirect consequence it bears on their fellow Muslims. Free speech is not a sin and will never be a sin. SAY NO TO EXTREMISM, CHARLIE HEBDO IS AN IDEAL EXAMPLE OF FEARLESS FREE SPEECH AGENCY. WE THE STAFF OF SPARROWLITE CO-OPERATION SENDS OUR CONDOLENCE TO THE FAMILIES OF THOSE KILLED TODAY.

Tuesday, 6 January 2015



The issue of the two ruthless Islamic organizations grips all well-meaning citizens of developing countries. It leaves all of us pondering on what went amiss, “are they really fighting a religious war? Or is more to it” we keep asking.

I was privileged to watch a series about Muslim youths in Germany who missed joining ISIL by an inch. One of the journalists from Dustche Welle engaged one of these youths in a lengthy discussion. In one of the questions the journalist asked, he implored the boy to tell him what he thought of ISIL. The answer encouraged me to write this piece. “At first” He said, we thought the idea of joining ISIL is the right way to redeem ourselves. The people who met us brought pictures of children and women dying in the hands of Syrian government, if only we join the fight to better the life of our fellow Muslims.

This answer struck me so hard I couldn’t help thinking. Maybe in Nigeria the Bokoharam group is using the same technique in luring young Muslim men to their door. Are these groups really protecting their fellow Muslims? The abduction of the school children in North of Nigeria, bombing of mosque, wiping out a whole Muslim village seem not to fulfill this quest. In fact in the interview the boy said he was lucky to figure out this before the appointed time to leave for Syria.

Most of the problems of Middle East are because of the west direct or indirect involvement in their government. They seem to be partial in dealing with issues that concerns developing countries. Earlier this year Israel attacked Gaza for the most stupid reason I can think of, leaving thousands of civilians dead. What did the west do? They channeled their energy towards ISIL leaving the population of Gaza to suffer.

There are issues diplomacy will solve and not violence. In developing countries, when such issues arises America and its allies ventures into arms carrying to solve these issues. Look at Ukraine, the American Allies kept a distance instead taking up diplomacy as an effective tool. Yes there were sanctions here and there but the big question is; WHY NOT SEND YOUR PLANES OVER UKRAINE? Even the shooting down of an airliner carrying mostly Europeans didn’t necessitate such act. Afghanistan will do more well if US troops leaves their soil completely and a diplomatic agreement between the government there and the Taliban takes place. This seems impossible but it is not, the fact a faction of their populace (present government) still seeks support from Western countries undermines any progress diplomatic talk will make. A talk looks impossible because the western countries are big players in Afghan and the Middle East. Their influences on other regional powers in the Middle East are also causing drifts between each country there.

ISIL is not following the right approach in dealing with their needs. No need masking their actions, they are not following the tenets of Islam. Any religion which fails to recognize human rights and will is not a religion. My high school days had a good number of my association with Muslims, in fact once I had a pretty Muslim girlfriend. She was the best and still remains the best friend of the opposite gender I have ever had. The truth is the wish of a sovereign state in the part of these two organizations.

Again diplomacy should have been used than arms. Diplomacy without the involvement of any western nation, should be countries involved with these groups. It is not late to drop arms on both sides. In fact this means is easier in Iraq and Syria than Nigeria. Nigeria needs to take the bull by the horn, a division of the country will definitely help restore parity in the two regions. Some will say am not being patriotic, but loosing lives each day is neither patriotic. Bokoharam is more political in the sense Nigerian leaders being greedy to the teeth. Nigerian leaders both the opposition and the ruling party (including the senate) are to blame for whatever we are passing through here. Divide Nigeria and we will have peace.

America and her Allies should remove themselves from the conflict of the Middle East, like the days of the Othman empire, Middle East will become great. The west fears this; the warring sides should understand their position and lay down their arms for diplomacy.