Wednesday, 7 January 2015


CHARLIE HEBDO’S attack is a heinous act, so heinous I don’t have words to describe the events of today in Paris. 12 people were killed today by hoodlums who attacked CHARLIE HEBDO’S headquarters. Police says one of the attackers carried a rocket launcher.

CHARLIE HEBDO is a well-known controversial magazine outlet known for their harsh criticism of virtually every aspect of human life. They criticize religion, politics, and any other major happenings around the world including ISIL. CHARLIE HEBDO is an ideal figure of freedom of speech, one that uses satire to drive home their message.

In 2011 they made a cartoon of prophet Mohammad which caused outraged in different Islamic states. Many Muslim took this personal with riots and protests all over the world. Don’t rush to make a decision. CHARLEI HEBDO spared no organized religion in their bid to show the world the truths, not even Christianity is spared.

CHARLIE HEBDO’s like is strongly needed in Nigeria, a news outlet which will not fear the government when enlightening the masses. Now the election for presidency in Nigeria is only six weeks away and yet the masses know little of the aspirants. Such news outlet with no fear will certainly dig up past lives of these men and present them to the masses in comic style, a style which will tell more than the biased news mediums in the country.

CHARLIE HEBDO’s attack by Muslim extremist is evil and I and many with me in Sparrowlite condemn this attack. For our Muslim brothers out there, don’t get so headfilled with your religion. There is no religion when there is no love or peace. Again I state my respect for Islam. I also support CHARLIE HEBDO and their work.

Many calls for Muslims to be expelled from Western countries but will these solve the problem of Islamic extremism? There are millions of good Muslims all over the world, Muslims who share the same ideal believe of me and others, Muslims who fear the gun, Muslims who know pity, respect and love for their fellow men. I have been told today by one who is nearer to the heinous act of today than I am that Muslims are cancers in the world. I disagreed with him, am not a Muslim but I have met good and nice Muslims, Muslims who are ready to lay down their life for me. One of them is my girlfriend during my high school days, she is a good and homely lady better than many non Muslims I have met.

Islam is not a cancer and will never be. These attacks are based on individualism and the choice to take beliefs to the extreme. I am begging and calling Muslims out there to step away from extremism and allow God to fight his wars. There is no gain even with the dead editors today, CHARLIE HEBDO still lives on. There is no stopping them, there is no stopping free speech. Guns and knives, bombs and rockets bring shame to any religion.

The deaths in Paris will affect nice Muslims in other part of the world. I am an advocate of the influx of Syrian refuges into Europe for refuge. What face will I have to continue advocating for those seeking refuge? Am ashamed and sad people who are in need will suffer the consequences of today because they are Muslims. The protest in Germany against the influx of Muslims into Germany will now get more supporters. Supporters who fears Islam.

Islam phobia is real and it was brought upon many by extremists who fail to see the indirect consequence it bears on their fellow Muslims. Free speech is not a sin and will never be a sin. SAY NO TO EXTREMISM, CHARLIE HEBDO IS AN IDEAL EXAMPLE OF FEARLESS FREE SPEECH AGENCY. WE THE STAFF OF SPARROWLITE CO-OPERATION SENDS OUR CONDOLENCE TO THE FAMILIES OF THOSE KILLED TODAY.

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